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  10 Most Liked Photos Ever
Posted by: work4invest - 05-16-2019, 01:41 AM - Forum: Photography - No Replies

[Image: photo-1553531768-2c0f294c020f?ixlib=rb-1...=1000&q=80]

[Image: profile-1557251674406-effb9d313841?dpr=1...ces&bg=fff]
Boxed Water Is BetterPure. Convenient. Sustainable.

A Boxed Water carton is held in front of an Icelandic beach

aerial photo of body of water

birds eye photography of seashore

worms eyeview photography of coconut trees

palm tree

seashore scenery


seashore during golden hour

manhattan beach

body of water near trees and mountain cliff during daytime


woman wearing blue dress shirt and white short shorts walking on seashore


assorted-color beach houses


landscape photography of seashore under cumulus clouds


landscape photography of seashore

long exposure photography of beach


body of water near trees at daytime

[Image: photo-1505118380757-91f5f5632de0?ixlib=r...=1000&q=80]

[Image: profile-1540464498075-d900dee80a23?dpr=1...ces&bg=fff]

aerial photography of large body of water and shoreline

[Image: photo-1469286714608-0defd688c4e3?ixlib=r...=1000&q=80]

[Image: profile-1489915140304-be21c5eb4986?dpr=1...ces&bg=fff]

selective focus photo of woman sitting and raising sand during daytime

[Image: photo-1443397646383-16272048780e?ixlib=r...=1000&q=80]

[Image: profile-1541857103488-ca8f1392498c?dpr=1...ces&bg=fff]

blue boat on sand near body of water during daytime

[Image: photo-1414609245224-afa02bfb3fda?ixlib=r...=1000&q=80]

[Image: profile-1500994572147-493138a7890f?dpr=1...ces&bg=fff]
Rachel Cook

body of water wave photo during golden time

[Image: photo-1505279340786-1e3b097e227a?ixlib=r...=1000&q=80]

[Image: profile-fb-1459551557-8c0c37959f1b.jpg?d...ces&bg=fff]

aerial view of seashore

[Image: photo-1483221545928-50dd3b5882ea?ixlib=r...=1000&q=80]

[Image: profile-1498097438863-fdcea26b0a96?dpr=1...ces&bg=fff]

green coconut trees during daytime

palm tree
[Image: photo-1504964030113-79ab61954f0e?ixlib=r...=1000&q=80]

[Image: profile-1513085953303-46650ba20ed4?dpr=1...ces&bg=fff]

woman standing on seashore in front of body of water


waves crashing through shore


green leaning coconut tree near seashore at daytime

palm tree

photo of seashore


time lapsed photography of cumulus clouds


two yellow pineapples


body of water beside white sands during daytime


selective focus photo of woman sitting on rock formation seashore


two person standing on seashore under clear blue sky

beach wallpapers

people near seashore during daytime


[Image: photo-1553531888-5f68fdd27266?ixlib=rb-1...=1000&q=80]

[Image: profile-1557251674406-effb9d313841?dpr=1...ces&bg=fff]
Boxed Water Is BetterPure. Convenient. Sustainable.

A woman stands in front of waves holding a Boxed Water carton

white hammock tied to coconut trees

ocean wave at beach

photography of seashore during sunset


closeup photo of lounger chairs and beach umbrellas


photo of sea waves


two women lying on white sand facing beach under blue sky


reflection of sunset on beachshore


woman leaning on tree near beach

palm tree

two coconut palm trees near shore under white clouds during daytime

palm tree

bird's eye view of seashore


seashore under clear blue sky during daytime


aerial photography of beach shore during daytime

[Image: O7A9fAvYSXC7NTdz8gLQ_IMGP1039.jpg?ixlib=...=1000&q=80]

[Image: profile-1460016789154-7d3cf0772d23?dpr=1...ces&bg=fff]

brown wooden dock in fornt body of water

[Image: photo-1432889490240-84df33d47091?ixlib=r...=1000&q=80]

[Image: profile-1523276878464-75b0657ba4fb?dpr=1...ces&bg=fff]

aerial photography of boulders on body of water

[Image: photo-1504548840739-580b10ae7715?ixlib=r...=1000&q=80]

[Image: profile-fb-1485153745-276cd694a31f.jpg?d...ces&bg=fff]

sand dune

[Image: photo-1507295386538-ddd5e86cd597?ixlib=r...=1000&q=80]

[Image: profile-1470411901970-0f48a5d5e958?dpr=1...ces&bg=fff]

boat on body of water

[Image: photo-1510440777527-38815cfc6cc2?ixlib=r...=1000&q=80]

[Image: profile-1511330279238-e4985b784af3?dpr=1...ces&bg=fff]

sea waves crashing on shore

[Image: photo-1484821582734-6c6c9f99a672?ixlib=r...=1000&q=80]

[Image: profile-1470411901970-0f48a5d5e958?dpr=1...ces&bg=fff]

high-angle photography of white boat on blue ocean water near green leafed trees during daytime

[Image: photo-1471357674240-e1a485acb3e1?ixlib=r...=1000&q=80]

[Image: extra-large.jpg?dpr=1&auto=format&fit=cr...ces&bg=fff]

closeup photo of red star fish beside seashore

[Image: photo-1470329508532-be27fda94658?ixlib=r...=1000&q=80]

[Image: profile-1536949179556-4c2c6a70f402?dpr=1...ces&bg=fff]

brown stone near sea at golden hour

[Image: photo-1447955552776-56465b845d20?ixlib=r...=1000&q=80]

[Image: profile-fb-1447955368-e54be76d9762.jpg?d...ces&bg=fff]

person throwing seashells on seashore


photo of boat near seashore and coconut tree


aerial photography of people on beach


aerial view of beach


palm trees during daytime

palm trees
palm tree

bird's-eye photography of body of water near shore


woman on sea in front of sun


high-angle photography of beach side

beach wallpapers

man standing while holding surfboard facing seashore


[Image: photo-1507525428034-b723cf961d3e?ixlib=r...=1000&q=80]

[Image: profile-1539796528178-6ebdfbc515e9?dpr=1...ces&bg=fff]

seashore during golden hour

brown wooden walkway near beach during daytime

body of water during daytime

coconut tree near shore within mountain range

body of water

beach wallpapers

pineapple fruit on beach shore during daytime



coconut tree near body of water


huge rock near beach


man sitting beside of woman in black bikini top


two blue beach chairs near body of water


empty seashore


people near body of water

beach life
united states

white sand


photo of gray wooden bridge


sea photo

[Image: photo-1506953823976-52e1fdc0149a?ixlib=r...=1000&q=80]

[Image: profile-1447511253367-67d639e6d5b0?dpr=1...ces&bg=fff]

palm tree near seashore

palm tree
[Image: photo-1447878035468-f6464b327023?ixlib=r...=1000&q=80]

[Image: profile-1501794970066-0af7e7acdb5b?dpr=1...ces&bg=fff]

group of people on white sand beach

[Image: photo-1540202404-d0c7fe46a087?ixlib=rb-1...=1000&q=80]

[Image: profile-1470411901970-0f48a5d5e958?dpr=1...ces&bg=fff]

two person walking on islet during daytime

hd wallpapers
tumblr backgrounds
[Image: photo-1489211914964-32c31f87e86b?ixlib=r...=1000&q=80]
[Image: profile-1470093657121-e62c91ef54e3?dpr=1...ces&bg=fff]

people on sea at daytime


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  The 13 best business ideas you should start in 2019
Posted by: work4invest - 05-16-2019, 01:32 AM - Forum: Business & Finance - No Replies

1. Plant-based foods
2019 is going to see veganism (and other plant-based diets) truly go mainstream.
At the top of many news agendas and with Mintel naming ‘evergreen consumption’ as one of its key food trends, the nation is obsessed with everything #plantbased.
And with plant-based protein a growing market and a new shift towards ‘masculine plant power’, there’s plenty of opportunities for new businesses to capitalise on some less-exploited areas of the trend.
Read the full article on plant-based foods.
2. Plastic alternatives
Thanks to that alarming episode of BBC nature documentary Blue Planet II, the UK is finally making some headway in the war against single-use plastic.
So whether it’s developing recyclable alternatives to plastic products (like Ooho’s edible water bottle) or a more tech-savvy, app-based approach to help people reduce their plastic waste, 2019 is the year to rethink plastic.
Read the full profile on plastic alternatives business ideas
3. Living with less
It’s 10 years since Airbnb was founded, but the global sharing economy has continued to grow and evolve, giving consumers the opportunity to share nearly anything imaginable.
Now, encouraged by an increasing trend for minimalism, people are using the sharing economy to borrow things they would previously have bought.
This growing trend for ‘living with less’ is creating new communities of borrowers and sharers that businesses can capitalise on.
Read the full profile on the sharing economy and the growing trend of living with less.
4. Bespoke beauty
Following last year’s business idea for ‘inclusive beauty’, this year, the trend is going one step further to become even more tailored and customisable for each individual.
From custom shampoo and conditioner for your particular hair type to skincare products with thousands of possible colour, fragrance and base combinations, ‘bespoke beauty’ has been deemed the number one beauty trend for 2019.
And with the UK’s health and beauty industry set to be worth £27bn by 2022, it’s a market well worth start-ups tapping into.
Read the full article on bespoke beauty business ideas.
5. Kintsugi

We know that lifestyle trends are a great place to look for business inspiration (in the past we’ve covered huge trends hygge and lagom).
But this year we’re looking even further afield than Scandinavia for ideas, and have gone all the way to Japan – and specifically the 15th-century art form and philosophy of Kintsugi.
The art of making broken things beautiful, kintsugi’s principles – which originated mainly around pottery initially, but can be applied to all manner of products – should strike a real chord in 2019 when upcycling and the circular economy is becoming increasingly important.

Read the full profile on kintsugi.
6. Digital detox
Let’s face it, we’re all addicted to our smartphones, and it’s not good for us.
Fortunately, the first step to beating addiction is to admit it, and all of a sudden, consumers are very keen to disconnect.
Big corporations such as Apple and Google are getting in on the action with dashboards that help users monitor and manage their screen time, while other companies are creating getaways to help people cut down on screen time.
We predict 2019 will be the year of the digital detox, and there are plenty of opportunities for new start-ups to help people reduce the use of their digital devices.
Read the full profile on the digital detox trend.
7. Macramé and houseplants
If you’re looking for an interior or craft-based business idea, it’s time to look back to the 70s – yes, really.
With houseplants an ever-growing trend (as more and more people, particularly millennials, live without gardens) – macramé plant hangers have become the perfect insta-worthy solution to display city dwellers’ leafy lovelies.
With retailers like Habitat and Ikea already getting in on the action, 2019 is the perfect time for entrepreneurs to create products or services for plant-loving or crafty creatives.

Read the full profile of the 70s-inspired trend of macramé and houseplants.

8. American sports
It’s been over a century since the first game of American football was played on UK soil between two teams from the US Navy.
Though newspaper reports from the time predicted the game would never take off, the sport is now more popular than ever, with several NFL games set to take place in the capital next year. And that’s not all: London will also play host to official games from the MBL and NBA in 2019.
With this in mind, an American sports start-up could be set to knock it out of the park in 2019.
Read the full article on American sports business ideas.
9. Online coaching and consultancy 
Recent years have seen UK consumers fall in love with online, on-demand services.
Taking this to the next level, in 2019 consumers will turn to the internet for traditionally face-to-face services they previously wouldn’t have considered accessing online.
Utilising video links and live chats, everything from doctors appointments to divorce proceedings to sports coaching is becoming available from remote experts.
There’s ample opportunity for entrepreneurs here – whether providing freelance expertise or reworking an old-fashioned process online.
Read the full profile on becoming an online coach or consultant.
10. Inclusive children’s products
A Reflecting Realities report published by the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education found that only 1% of children’s books in the UK had a BAME main character in 2017, and the toy market continues to be incredibly un-diverse.
With high-profile organisations and media calling for change, 2019 should be the year the children’s market finally starts to more adequately represent the diversity of the real world – which creates a real opportunity.
If you’re looking for an idea with huge market potential – toy sales alone in the UK were worth £3.4bn last year – but also the chance to start a business that’s helping to create a positive impact on society, look no further.
Read the full article on starting an inclusive children’s products business.
11. Microblading
A near-permanent solution to eyebrow woes and a great business opportunity, microblading is a beauty trend with a lot of business mileage.
A similar procedure to tattooing, microblading has been developed specifically for eyebrows, with results that last two years (rather than a lifetime).
With microfeathering and nanoblading looking like lucrative spin-offs from this already flourishing trend, in 2019 brows will mean big business.
And considering market research company NPD’s findings that British women spend £200 on average a year on eyebrow grooming, microblading and related treatments could be an avenue well worth pursuing.
Read the full profile on microblading.
12. Luxury pet care
While we have covered pet-related business opportunities before, in 2019 pets are still big business – huge, in fact. 45% of households in the UK own a pet and, in 2017, a whopping £4.62bn was spent on pets and related products in the UK.
But what’s new for 2019? Well, this will be the year our pets are truly pampered. As owners lead increasingly busy lives, they’re becoming more conscious of the standard of care their pets are kept in while they’re not around – and anything short of luxury is, for many, no longer acceptable.
From dog-walking through beautiful locations to premium pet care businesses, there’s a gap in the market for entrepreneurs who can meet owners’ high standards. Think childcare for pets!
Read the full profile on starting a luxury pet care business.
13. Personal health apps
In 2019, smartphone apps for healthcare are giving people the power to take control of their health, without the need for a trip to the doctor.
As well as saving money and democratising healthcare, these apps are lifting the burden on our overstretched NHS.
Doing everything from helping us manage existing conditions and prevent new ones to enabling remote face-to-face consultations, the mobile medical apps market is predicted to be worth $11.2bn by 2025.

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  The 20 Most Weight-Loss-Friendly Foods on The Planet
Posted by: work4invest - 05-16-2019, 01:29 AM - Forum: Food & Cooking - No Replies

1. Whole Eggs
Once feared for being high in cholesterol, whole eggs have been making a comeback.
Although a high intake of eggs raises the levels of “bad” LDL-cholesterol in some people, they are one of the best foods to eat if you need to lose weight. They are high in protein and fat, and are very satiating.(1 Trusted Source, 2 Trusted Source).
One study in 30 overweight women showed that eating eggs for breakfast, instead of bagels, increased feelings of fullness (satiety) and made participants eat less for the next 36 hours (3 Trusted Source).
Another eight-week study found that eggs for breakfast increased weight loss on a calorie restricted diet, compared to bagels (4 Trusted Source).
Eggs are also incredibly nutrient dense and can help you get all the nutrients you need on a calorie-restricted diet. Interestingly, almost all the nutrients are found in the yolks.

Quote:Summary Eggs are very filling and nutrient-dense. Compared to refined carbs like bagels, eggs can suppress appetite later in the day and may even promote weight loss.
2. Leafy Greens
Leafy greens include kale, spinach, collards, swiss chards and a few others.
They have several properties that make them perfect for a weight loss diet, such as being low in calories and carbohydrates and loaded with fiber.
Eating leafy greens is a great way to increase the volume of your meals, without increasing the calories. Numerous studies show that meals and diets with a low energy density make people eat fewer calories overall (5 Trusted Source).
Leafy greens are also incredibly nutritious and very high in many vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, including calcium, which has been shown to aid fat burning in some studies (6 Trusted Source).
Quote:Summary Leafy greens are an excellent addition to your weight loss diet. Not only are they low in calories but also high in fiber that helps keep you feeling full.

3. Salmon
Fatty fish like salmon is incredibly healthy and very satisfying, keeping you full for many hours with relatively few calories.
Salmon is loaded with high-quality protein, healthy fats and various important nutrients.
Fish — and seafood in general — may also supply a significant amount of iodine.
This nutrient is necessary for proper thyroid function, which is important to keep your metabolism running optimally (7 Trusted Source).
Studies show that a significant number of people don’t fill their iodine needs (8 Trusted Source).
Salmon is also loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to help reduce inflammation, which is known to play a major role in obesity and metabolic disease (9 Trusted Source, 10 Trusted Source).
Mackerel, trout, sardines, herring and other types of fatty fish are also excellent.
Quote:Summary Salmon is high in both protein and omega-3 fatty acids, making it a good choice for a healthy weight loss diet.
4. Cruciferous Vegetables
Cruciferous vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts.
Like other vegetables, they’re high in fiber and tend to be incredibly filling.
What's more, these types of veggies generally contain decent amounts of protein.
They're not nearly as high in protein as animal foods or legumes but still high compared to most vegetables.
A combination of protein, fiber and low energy density makes cruciferous vegetables the perfect foods to include in your meals if you need to lose weight.
They’re also highly nutritious and contain cancer-fighting substances (11 Trusted Source).
Quote:Summary Cruciferous vegetables are low in calories but high in fiber and nutrients. Adding them to your diet is not only an excellent weight loss strategy but may also improve your overall health.
5. Lean Beef and Chicken Breast
Meat has been unfairly demonized.
It has been blamed for various health problems despite a lack of good evidence to back up these negative claims.
Though processed meat is unhealthy, studies show that unprocessed red meat does not raise the risk of heart disease or diabetes (12 Trusted Source, 13 Trusted Source).
According to two big review studies, red meat has only a very weak correlation with cancer in men and no correlation at all in women (14 Trusted Source, 15 Trusted Source).
The truth is, meat is a weight-loss-friendly food because it's high in protein.
Protein is by far the most filling nutrient, and eating a high-protein diet can make you burn up to 80–100 more calories per day (16 Trusted Source, 17 Trusted Source, 18 Trusted Source).
Studies have shown that increasing your protein intake to 25–% of daily calories can cut cravings by 60%, reduce your desire for late-night snacking by half and cause weight loss of almost one pound (0.45 kg) per week (19 Trusted Source, 20 Trusted Source).
If you're on a low-carb diet, feel free to eat fatty meats. However, if you're on a moderate- to high-carbohydrate diet, choosing lean meats may be more appropriate.
Quote:Summary Eating unprocessed lean meat is an excellent way to increase your protein intake. Replacing some of the carbs or fat in your diet with protein could make it easier for you to lose excess fat.

6. Boiled Potatoes
White potatoes seem to have fallen out of favor for some reason.
However, they have several properties that make them a perfect food — both for weight loss and optimal health.
They contain an incredibly diverse range of nutrients — a little bit of almost everything you need.
There have even been accounts of people living on nothing but potatoes alone for extended periods of time.
They’re particularly high in potassium, a nutrient that most people don't get enough of and that plays an important role in blood pressure control.
On a scale called the Satiety Index, which measures how filling different foods are, white, boiled potatoes scored the highest of all the foods tested (21 Trusted Source).
What this means is that by eating white, boiled potatoes, you will naturally feel full and eat less of other foods.
If you allow potatoes to cool for a while after boiling, they will form high amounts of resistant starch, a fiber-like substance that has been shown to have various health benefits, including weight loss (22).
Sweet potatoes, turnips and other root vegetables are also excellent.
Quote:Summary Boiled potatoes are among the most filling foods. They’re particularly good at reducing your appetite, potentially suppressing your food intake later in the day.
7. Tuna
Tuna is another low-calorie, high-protein food.
It’s lean fish, meaning it’s low in fat.
Tuna is popular among bodybuilders and fitness models who’re on a cut, as it's a great way to increase protein intake while keeping total calories and fat low.
If you're trying to emphasize protein intake, make sure to choose tuna canned in water, not oil.
Quote:Summary Tuna is an excellent, lean source of high-quality protein. Replacing other macronutrients, such as carbs or fat, with protein is an effective weight loss strategy on a calorie-restricted diet.
8. Beans and Legumes
Some beans and other legumes can be beneficial for weight loss.
This includes lentils, black beans, kidney beans and some others.
These foods tend to be high in protein and fiber, which are two nutrients that have been shown to lead to satiety.
They also tend to contain some resistant starch.
The main problem is that a lot of people have difficulties tolerating legumes. For this reason, it’s important to prepare them properly.
Quote:Summary Beans and legumes are a good addition to your weight loss diet. They’re both high in protein and fiber, contributing to feelings of fullness and a lower calorie intake.
9. Soups
As mentioned above, meals and diets with a low energy density tend to make people eat fewer calories.
Most foods with a low energy density are those that contain lots of water, such as vegetables and fruits.
But you can also just add water to your food, making a soup.
Some studies have shown that eating the exact same food turned into a soup rather than as solid food, makes people feel more satiated and eat significantly fewer calories (23 Trusted Source, 24 Trusted Source).
Just make sure not to add too much fat to your soup, such as cream or coconut milk, as this can significantly increase its calorie content.
Quote:Summary Soups can be an effective part of a weight loss diet. Their high water content makes them very filling. However, try to avoid creamy or oily soups.
10. Cottage Cheese
Dairy products tend to be high in protein.
One of the best ones is cottage cheese, which — calorie for calorie — is mostly protein with very few carbs and little fat.
Eating cottage cheese is a great way to boost your protein intake. It’s also very satiating, making you feel full with a relatively low number of calories.
Dairy products are also high in calcium, which may aid fat burning (25 Trusted Source).
Other low-fat, high-protein dairy products include Greek yogurt and skyr.
Quote:Summary Eating lean dairy products, such as cottage cheese, is one of the best ways to get more protein without significantly increasing your calorie intake.
11. Avocados
Avocados are a unique fruit.
While most fruits are high in carbs, avocados are loaded with healthy fats.
They’re particularly high in monounsaturated oleic acid, the same type of fat found in olive oil.
Despite being mostly fat, avocados also contain a lot of water and fiber, making them less energy-dense than you may think.
What’s more, they’re a perfect addition to vegetable salads, as studies show that their fat content can increase carotenoid antioxidant absorption from the vegetables 2.6- to 15-fold (25 Trusted Source).
They also contain many important nutrients, including fiber and potassium.
Quote:Summary Avocados are a good example of a healthy fat source you can include in your diet while trying to lose weight. Just make sure to keep your intake moderate.
12. Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is incredibly popular in the natural health community.
It’s often used in condiments like dressings or vinaigrettes, and some people even dilute it in water and drink it.
Several human-based studies suggest that apple cider vinegar can be useful for weight loss.
Taking vinegar at the same time as a high-carb meal can increase feelings of fullness and make people eat 200–275 fewer calories for the rest of the day (26 Trusted Source, 27 Trusted Source).
One 12-week study in obese individuals also showed that 15 or 30 ml of vinegar per day caused weight loss of 2.6–3.7 pounds, or 1.2–1.7 kilograms (28 Trusted Source).
Vinegar has also been shown to reduce blood sugar spikes after meals, which may have various beneficial health effects in the long term (29 Trusted Source, 30 Trusted Source).
You can find multiple varieties of apple cider vinegar on Amazon.
Quote:Summary Adding apple cider vinegar to your vegetable salad may help curb your appetite, potentially leading to greater weight loss.
13. Nuts
Despite being high in fat, nuts are not as fattening as you would expect.
They're an excellent snack, containing balanced amounts of protein, fiber and healthy fats.
Studies have shown that eating nuts can improve metabolic health and even promote weight loss (31 Trusted Source, 32 Trusted Source).
What’s more, population studies have shown that people who eat nuts tend to be healthier and leaner than those who don't (33 Trusted Source).
Just make sure not to go overboard, as they’re still fairly high in calories. If you tend to binge and eat massive amounts of nuts, it may be best to avoid them.
Quote:Summary Nuts can make a healthy addition to an effective weight loss diet when consumed in moderation.
14. Whole Grains
Though cereal grains have received a bad reputation in recent years, some types are definitely healthy.
This includes some whole grains that are loaded with fiber and contain a decent amount of protein.
Notable examples include oats, brown rice and quinoa.
Oats are loaded with beta-glucans, soluble fibers that have been shown to increase satiety and improve metabolic health (34 Trusted Source, 35 Trusted Source).
Both brown and white rice can contain significant amounts of resistant starch, particularly if cooked and then allowed to cool afterward (36 Trusted Source).
Keep in mind that refined grains are not a healthy choice, and sometimes foods that have "whole grains" on the label are highly processed junk foods that are both harmful and fattening.
If you're on a very low-carb diet, you'll want to avoid grains, as they’re high in carbs.
But there's otherwise nothing wrong with eating whole grains if you can tolerate them.
Quote:Summary You should avoid refined grains if you’re trying to lose weight. Choose whole grains instead — they’re much higher in fiber and other nutrients.
15. Chili Pepper
Eating chili peppers may be useful on a weight loss diet.
They contain capsaicin, a substance which has been shown to reduce appetite and increase fat burning in some studies (37 Trusted Source, 38 Trusted Source, 39 Trusted Source).
This substance is even sold in supplement form and a common ingredient in many commercial weight loss supplements.
One study showed that eating 1 gram of red chili pepper reduced appetite and increased fat burning in people who didn't regularly eat peppers (40 Trusted Source).
However, there was no effect in people who were accustomed to eating spicy food, indicating that a certain level of tolerance can build up (40 Trusted Source).
Quote:Summary Eating spicy foods that contain chili peppers may reduce your appetite temporarily and even increase fat burning. However, tolerance seems to build up in those who eat chili regularly.
16. Fruit
Most health experts agree that fruit is healthy.
Numerous population studies have shown that people who eat the most fruit (and vegetables) tend to be healthier than people who don't (41, 42 Trusted Source).
Of course, correlation does not equal causation, so these studies don't prove anything. However, fruits do have properties that make them weight-loss-friendly.
Even though they contain natural sugar, they have a low energy density and take a while to chew. Plus, their fiber content helps prevent sugar from being released too quickly into your bloodstream.
The only people who may want to avoid or minimize fruit are those on a very low-carb, ketogenic diet or have an intolerance.
For most fruits can be an effective and delicious addition to a weight loss diet.
Quote:Summary Though fruits contain some sugar, you can easily include them on a weight loss diet. They’re high in fiber, antioxidants and various nutrients that slow the rise of blood sugar after meals.
17. Grapefruit
One fruit that deserves to be highlighted is grapefruit. Its effects on weight control have been studied directly.
In a 12-week study in 91 obese individuals, eating half a fresh grapefruit before meals led to weight loss of 3.5 pounds (1.6 kg) (43 Trusted Source).
The grapefruit group also had reduced insulin resistance, a metabolic abnormality that is implicated in various chronic diseases.
Therefore, eating half a grapefruit about half an hour before some of your daily meals may help you feel more satiated and eat fewer overall calories.
Quote:Summary Studies indicate that grapefruit may suppress appetite and reduce calorie intake when eaten before meals. It’s worth a try if you’re want to lose weight.
18. Chia Seeds
Chia seeds are among the most nutritious foods on the planet.
They contain 12 grams of carbohydrates per ounce (28 grams), which is pretty high, but 11 of these grams are fiber.
This makes chia seeds a low-carb-friendly food and one of the best sources of fiber in the world (44).
Because of its high fiber content, chia seeds can absorb up to 11–12 times their weight in water, turning gel-like and expanding in your stomach (45).
Though some studies have shown that chia seeds can help reduce appetite, they did not find a statistically significant effect on weight loss (46 Trusted Source, 47).
However, given their nutrient composition, it makes sense that chia seeds could be a useful part of your weight loss diet.
Quote:Summary Chia seeds are very high in fiber, which fills you up and reduces appetite. For this reason, they can be useful on a weight loss diet.
19. Coconut Oil
Not all fats are created equal.
Coconut oil is high in fatty acids of a medium length, called medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs).
These fatty acids have been shown to boost satiety better than other fats and increase the number of calories burned (48 Trusted Source, 49 Trusted Source).
What’s more, two studies — one in women and the other in men — showed that coconut oil reduced amounts of belly fat (50 Trusted Source, 51 Trusted Source).
Of course, coconut oil still contains calories, so adding it on top of what you're already eating is a bad idea.
It’s not about adding coconut oil to your diet but about replacing some of your other cooking fats with coconut oil.
However, studies show that coconut oil is less satiating than MCT oil — a supplement that contains much higher numbers of medium-chain triglycerides (52 Trusted Source).
Extra virgin olive oil is worth mentioning here, as it’s probably one of the healthiest fats on the planet.
Quote:Summary Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that may increase satiety after meals. MCT oil supplements are even more effective.
20. Full-Fat Yogurt
Yogurt is another excellent dairy food.
Certain types of yogurt contain probiotic bacteria that can improve the function of your gut.
Having a healthy gut may help protect against inflammation and leptin resistance, which is one of the main hormonal drivers of obesity.
Make sure to choose yogurt with live, active cultures, as other types of yogurt contain virtually no probiotics.
Also, consider choosing full-fat yogurt. Studies show that full-fat dairy — but not low-fat — is associated with a reduced risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes over time (53).
Low-fat yogurt is usually loaded with sugar, so it’s best to avoid it.

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  10 of the Coolest Jobs in the World (and How to Get Them)
Posted by: work4invest - 05-02-2019, 05:53 PM - Forum: Jobs and Careers - No Replies

1. Disney Imagineer
[Image: shutterstock_463128917.jpg]
Think of what this job might entail and how magical and creative it could be... now multiply that by 10!
Seriously, this job is everything you’d ever want as a child. Basically, you get to think up the most creative, entertaining and exciting thing you can and then you build it, create it, or write it (depending on your area of expertise).
Everything at the Disney theme parks and resorts from rollercoasters and live shows to hotels and restaurants come from the minds of the imagineers.
For this reason, Disney Imagineers come from a whole variety of backgrounds. In fact, according to Disney, over 140 different job titles fall under the banner of Imagineering.
Engineers, show writers, illustrators, graphic designers, architects, and many more can all become imagineers with Disney. All it takes is the right balance of practical know-how, creativity, and imagination.
So what degree you have and where you study to give yourself the best chance of becoming an imagineer is really up to what your passions are. As you can imagine, though, working for Disney is extremely competitive, so going to a top university will give you an edge on others.
Skills Needed: Creativity, imagination, passion, interdisciplinary skills, people skills
Best Undergraduate Majors: Engineering, design, architecture
Top 3 Unis:
1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), US
Top school for art, design, engineering and architecture. MIT was basically built to turn you into a Disney Imagineer!
QS World University Subject Ranking: #1 Engineering, #1 Architecture, #2 Art & Design
2. ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland
A world class school of technology, it offers one of the best engineering courses in the world. Oh and also, Albert Einstein was a student and a professor at ETH.
QS World University Subject Ranking: #5 Engineering and Technology
3. University College London (UCL), UK
UCL is the seventh best university in the world according QS World University Rankings, and it comes just behind MIT in the architecture ranks.
QS World University Subject Ranking: #2 Architecture, #14 English Language and Literature
2. Legoland Designer
[Image: shutterstock_550620085.jpg]
Okay, now the kinder child in you is getting a tad overwhelmed and might need a little nap. As a Legoland Designer, you just play with Lego... literally just build Lego structures!
Granted it’s of a much higher standard than what you were probably capable of as a toddler.
As a Legoland Designer, you’ll be responsible for designing, engineering and building all the Lego sculptures and features around Legoland.
You'll build everything from life-size animals, including giraffes, wolves, and elephants, to 1:1 scale replicas of the world’s most famous tourist destinations (including whole cities)!
Heck, where do I sign up!?
Unfortunately, you need more than just your fond memories and beginner Lego skills. Most Legoland Designers are pretty well qualified with degrees in either architecture or engineering.
If you loved your Lego growing up, it might be time to dust off the old boxes under the bed and start fine-tuning those skills again... that is, if you ever stopped building.
Skills Needed: Creativity, STEM skills
Best Undergraduate Majors: Engineering, architecture, design
Top 3 Unis:
1. MIT, US
Known for its prestige, might it be a slight contradiction to suggest that MIT is perfectly equipped to turn you into a glorified Lego builder? Nah!
QS World University Subject Ranking: #1 Architecture, #1 Engineering
2. Stanford University, US
Stanford is considered the best in the world for practically every engineering discipline .. and it's just a one hour plane flight from the motherland of Lego Land!
QS World University Subject Ranking: #2 Engineering, #10 Art & Design
3. Parsons School of Design at The New School, US
Located in the world's beating heart of art, design and creative expression, New York City!
QS World University Subject Ranking: #3 Art & Design
3. Ben & Jerry’s Flavour Guru (Basically, an Ice Cream Taster)
[Image: shutterstock_740981497.jpg]
I told you every job you dreamt of as a child is real.
As a Ben & Jerry’s Flavour Guru, you not only get to eat and test Ben & Jerry’s new flavours, you get to create them, too!
This means dining at top end restaurants to stay abreast of all trending flavours and coming up with concepts for new ice cream flavours based on those trends.
The job doesn’t just involve creating and eating ice cream, though... I know, what a bore!
As it takes about 12 months for a flavour to go from concept to the shelves, there’s a lot of paperwork, pitching to executives, quality control and market research involved, too. I guess when you create and eat ice cream for a living there has to be a downside somewhere.
Unfortunately, you need much more than just a love of ice cream to secure this job. Otherwise many of us would be over-qualified. To become a Ben & Jerry’s Flavour Guru, you not only need to love your ice cream, but you also need degree in food science – a rather niche major!
Obviously, Ben & Jerry’s is the creme de la ice cream (sorry, not sorry), but there are literally thousands of amazing food companies around the world! You shouldn’t find it hard to get enjoyment out of your work as a food scientist.
Sure, you might stack on a few kilograms, but you’ll also be the happiest person on the face of the Earth!
Skills Needed: Creativity, research and development, market research, food safety
Best Undergraduate Majors: Food science, food technology
Top 3 Unis:
1. Purdue University, US
A food science degree from Purdue has an average 20 year ROI of USD $591,700 – one of the highest for food science majors.
QS World University Subject Ranking: N/A
2. Rutgers University, US
Among the US' oldest institutions, Rutgers' 34 schools offer 175 academic departments and 270 bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and professional programs. I think in their 200+ years they've got this education thing figured out.
QS World University Subject Ranking: #151 Chemistry, #4 Philosophy
3. The University of Melbourne, Aus
Located in the most liveable city in the world, Melbourne uni will offer all food fanatics with an abundance of flavours and cultures to take in... oh and a bunch of good ice cream, too!
QS World University Subject Ranking: #17 Arts & Humanities, #13 Sciences and Medicine
4. Freelance Food Blogger
[Image: shutterstock_580622605.jpg]
In a world where Twitter is the POTUS’ preferred medium of communication, social media influencers are rising in stock.
Of all the social media influencers, there is one more desirable and popular than the rest: food bloggers!
Seriously, is there anything better than being able to combine your addiction to social media with your passion for good food?! No, there’s not. There are literally no negatives!
At worst, you’ll be invited into restaurants for free food in exchange for snapping and sharing a photo. At best, you can make (http://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/entry/how-much-food-bloggers-make_us_590209e9e4b0af6d718c4e70)]over $90,000 in one single month
Yep, you read that right.
So how do you make money food blogging? Well, to be honest, it’s quite a mystery.
However, avenues such as paid endorsements, advertising, business partnerships and YouTube pay cheques can all bring in some big bucks.
While a degree is not essential to become a successful food blogger, it will definitely help. Graduating in marketing, communications or media will help you with editing your content and understanding how the online marketplace works.
Skills Needed: Communication (written), marketing, passion and knowledge of food
Best Undergraduate Majors: Media and communication, marketing
Top 3 Unis:
1. University of Pennsylvania, US
A top college located in Philadelphia, you'll have the opportunity to dedicate your whole food blog to Philly Cheese Steaks!
QS World University Subject Ranking: #10 Media and Communications, #12 Social Sciences
2. New York University (NYU), US
Not only is NYU a top marketing school, but studying in Manhattan gives you boundless access to cafes, restaurants and bars to kick off your blog!
Fried chicken, burgers, pizza... the list of amazing food in NYC is endless.
QS World University Subject Ranking: N/A
3. University of Amsterdam, NED
One of the best media and communications colleges, located in one of the most beautiful tourist cities!
Beware: if you start your food blog in Amsterdam, take it easy on the space cake!
QS World University Subject Ranking: #2 Communications and Media, #17 Sociology
6. Travel Blogger
[Image: shutterstock_557953756.jpg]
All the other jobs on this list sound great, but one thing that you may struggle to fit into your life with a full-time job is travelling.
But what if you could get paid to travel?
As a travel blogger, this is exactly what you get to do! Essentially, big travel companies pay you to go on their tours and share the journey on your blog.
If you manage to get enough of a following, you can make pretty good money, too. Even on the lower end of the scale, you'll comfortably be able to fund your traveller's lifestyle. This is largely thanks to the free travel, accommodation and tours you receive.
However, you're also able to charge a travel fee to companies sending you on the road. Generally this fee is about $50-100 a day, more than enough for some nice pizza in Milan.
To boost the success of your blog, it'll help if your have strong written communication skills and an understanding of e-commerce... a marketing and communication degree is ideal for this!
Skills Needed: Communication (written), creativity, flexibility
Best Undergraduate Majors: Media and communication, marketing
Top 3 Unis:
1. University of Southern California, US
Located on the sunny coast of California, USC is the perfect place to snap some of those iconic travel pictures.
QS World University Subject Ranking: #1 Communication and Media Studies, #75 Arts & Humanities
2. University of California – Berkeley, US
If you've ever researched the best education in the world, you're no doubt familiar with Berkeley. With 7 Nobel Laureates in their faculty, how could you go wrong?
QS World University Subject Ranking: #6 in Communication and Media Studies, #2 in Sociology
3. London School of Economics of Political Science, UK
Not only one of the world's best universities, but it's also got a huge percentage of international students! 70% of all students come from overseas... perfect for travel tips!
QS World University Subject Ranking: #3 in Media and Communications, #3 in Geography
7. Pixar Animator
[Image: shutterstock_515884924.jpg]
No doubt Pixar played a role in creating at least one of your all-time favourite films.
Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Up, Wall-E, Monsters Inc… the list of Pixar movies isn’t the longest, but it’s a devastatingly good one!
The life lessons, the laughter… imagine creating that joy and pleasure for future generations with your own two hands. Well you can with a job as a Pixar Animator!
What’s more, you’ll be part of a team that have won 26 Academy Awards, five Golden Globes and three Grammys.
To make this job even more desirable, Pixar has one of the best offices in the world, too!
As a Pixar employee, you have access to their secret bar, hidden behind a bookcase and the locked door of an oversized safe, a 24-hour staff Cereal Bar, boasting 14 kinds of breakfast cereal, a Pizza Room offering free slices for those working late, the “Breathing Room” for yogic meditation and the daily activities organised for willing staff to participate in.
To make things even more enticing, offices are open 24 hours a day, so you make your own hours and work when best suits you!
As you can imagine, a job at Pixar is EXTREMELY competitive, with an estimated 45,000 applications for each new position. To work for the best, you need to be the best. A degree from a world class college and a few years of experience are essential.
Skills Needed: Creativity, animation, design, imagination, flexibility
Best Undergraduate Majors: Animation, design, media production
Top 3 Unis:
1. California Institute of the Arts (CalArts)
Established in 1961 by Walt and Roy Disney... need I say any more?
QS World University Subject Ranking: #9 Art & Design
2. University of Southern California, US
USC animation alumni currently hold positions at not just Pixar, but other world class studios including Sony Pictures, Nickelodeon, DreamWorks and Disney, too!
QS World University Subject Ranking: #1 Communication and Media Studies, #51 Art & Design
3. Bournemouth University, UK
Bournemouth is dedicated to establishing industry connections within its animation degree and you’ll be able to participate in a 30-week work placement, completed anywhere in the world!
QS World University Subject Ranking: #151 Communication & Media Studies
8. Bounty Hunter
[Image: shutterstock_662758744.jpg]
All you wannabe cowboys and cowgirls out there (like me!), this could be the job for you!
You’re basically a vigilante. A rogue cop. A real life batman. A repo man who takes in criminals instead of unpaid cars.
Don’t start thinking there’s no room for growth as a bounty hunter! There’s plenty of potential to innovate the bounty hunting game too. It’s essentially been done the same way since the days of the wild west.
incorporating new technology such as drones and hackers, you could become the bounty hunter of the future. Less like a wild west cowboy and more like robocop!
The best part, you don’t even need a university degree… though it helps to be a trained and licensed professionally. Oh, and to also possess a whole lot of bravery and some big ol' muscles.
Skills Needed: Big muscles, bravery, quick draw
Best Undergraduate Majors: No degree required but professional training in bounty hunting, bail enforcement, or fugitive recovery is necessary.
Top School:
1. The school of hard knocks!
“You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life, but it ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward... that’s how winning is done” - Rocky Balboa
QS World University Subject Ranking: N/A
9. Hacker for Hire
[Image: shutterstock_381063385.jpg]
As we continue to gear towards an entirely online society, the risk of cyber attacks has never been greater!
This is where you come in: an ethical hacker for hire!
As an ethical hacker, you’re essentially an online spy for big companies. You sneak around the internet searching for online threats and halting and preventing attacks. You are the hero!
To boot, you can get handsomely paid for it and if you’re good you’ll be in high demand, too.
Employment as information security analysts is expected to grow by 37% between 2012 and 2022, that’s more than three times as fast as the average growth rate of other vocations.
All the big brands such as Google, Sony, Adobe are already hiring hackers to protect their online assets. Ethical hackers are fast becoming the most crucial aspect to a strong security plan.
Get ahead of the trend!
To become a hacker, you’ll need a degree in a relevant field such as Computer Science, Computer Programming, Information Security, Computer information systems.
Skills Needed: Creativity, STEM (computer programming), coding, strong ethics
Best Undergraduate Majors: Computer Science, Computer Programming, Information Security
Top 3 Unis:
1. MIT, US
MIT and Computer Sciences and Technologies is a natural partnership. The man behind the internet, Tim Berners-Lee, was one of MIT’s professors, so it makes sense that they're equipped to train students to protect it!
QS World University Subject Ranking: #1 Computer Science and Information Systems, #1 Mathematics
2. Stanford, US
Around the corner from Silicon Valley, the perfect location for a white hat hacker... or a black hat hacker if you're looking to join the dark side (definitely not advised!).
QS World University Subject Ranking: #2 Computer Science and Information Systems, #2 Engineering – Electrical and Electronic
3. Carnegie Mellon University, US
Despite the funny name (hehe melon) this place ain't no joke! Alumni include mathematical genius John Forbes Nash, the man A Beautiful Mind is based on, and iconic American pop artist Andy Warhol, just to name a couple.
QS World University Subject Ranking: #3 Computer Science and Information Systems, #9 Statistics and Operational Research
10. Memory Surgeon
[Image: shutterstock_607692122.jpg]

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  5 of the World's Most Expensive rooms
Posted by: work4invest - 05-02-2019, 05:49 PM - Forum: Living Rooms - House & Home - No Replies

Everyone dreams of staying at a luxury hotel, but hearing the colossal amount of money you have to drop just for a nightly visit leaves most people mouth agape, particularly when you can pick up Hawaii holiday packages and other great destinations at such heavily discounted rates. Nevertheless, here are the five of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world. Decide for yourself if the amenities are enough to justify such a large cost!
Ritz-Carlton’s Presidential Suite, Tokyo
Nightly Price: $25,000

[Image: Presidential-Suite-at-the-Ritz-Carlton-Tokyo.jpg]
This hotel room is a stunning 307 square meters that comes with a large four-poster bed located in the master bedroom. Guests get a personal concierge, and there is also a living room connected to the bedroom area. There is also a gym and indoor pool for people with this room. The bathroom itself is very spacious, and nearly everything is made of marble. Outside the window, guests can see the Imperial Palace and Roppongi Hills.
Perhaps the only disappointing aspect is the TV. Guests get a Sony BRAVIA, but it’s only 20 inches.
Westin Excelsior’s Villa La Capula Suite, Rome
Nightly Price: $29,000

[Image: 4-Villa-La-Capula-Suite-Westin-Excelsior-Rome.jpg]
Nearly twice as large as the Presidential Suite, this hotel offers guests luxurious amenities. There is a large Pompeii-styled pool for guests to relax in, and there are intricate frescoes of painted horizons.
Each guest gets their own balcony and stained glass windows. There is a private kitchen, and a wine cabinet featuring over 150 different wines to choose from. Nearly all the furniture is hand-carved wood, and there is an antique chandelier. Guests also get their own private cinema.
Four Seasons Hotel’s Ty Warner Penthouse, New York
Nightly Price: $34,000

[Image: ty-warner-penthouse-suite_ktBie_48.jpg]
The suite itself is composed of nine different rooms. The walls have mother of pearl, and all the fabrics are woven with gold and platinum. In the Zen room there is a waterfall, and guests can enjoy a private piano or hot tub soak. Aside from spa treatments, a private butler and a personal trainer, this suite also offers amenities that extend outside the hotel.
If the guest wants to go outside, they are chauffeured in a Maybach or Rolls Royce, and the L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon restaurant is guaranteed to have a seat open for this guest.
Palms Casino Resort’s Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, Las Vegas
Nightly Price: $40,000

[Image: hef_poolg-8623.jpg]
This isn’t so much a hotel as it is a house. The room is made to imitate the famed Playboy Mansion, and has a glass elevator so guests can easily access the two stories. Yes, the suite is two stories large. There are three bedrooms, an exercise and spa room, a poker table, fireplace, and a 24/7 butler.
Aside from breathtaking strip views, there is also a rotating bed with a glass ceiling.
Presidential Wilson Hotel’s Royal Penthouse Suite, Geneva
Nightly Price: $53,000

[Image: Royal-Penthouse-Suite-President-Wilson-Hotel-Geneva.jpg]
Most hotel buildings are rather large, and getting an entire floor to yourself seems almost laughable. But that’s what you pay for at the Royal Penthouse Suite, the entire top floor. Made to accommodate 40 people, this room can only be reached via a private elevator and comes equipped with four bedrooms and six bathrooms.
There is an indoor library, water fountain, billiards table and a large dining room for 26 people. Security is the major concern here, because UN officials and celebrities use this hotel, so all the glass is bulletproof. This hotel easily dwarfs most houses, and is adorned with marble and hardwood, all in a contemporary style.

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  5 Best Summer Holiday Destinations in Europe for 2019
Posted by: work4invest - 05-02-2019, 05:45 PM - Forum: Travel & Tours - No Replies

It’s March and summer is just around the corner, which means that it’s time to start planning your summer holidays! If you're sat at your laptop, twiddling your thumbs, aching to leave the office and visit somewhere new, take a look at our 5 suggestions for the best places in Europe you should visit this summer.
[Image: Zakynthos1online-683x430.jpg]
Algarve, Portugal
From vast stretches of sand to coves backed by cliffs, the Algarve is home to some of Europe’s most breathtakingly beautiful beaches. And as scenic as the beaches are, the region offers so much more! Historic castle towns, elegant villages, glitzy beach bars and freshly caught seafood have been attracting over four million visitors every year – and once there, you’ll see why.
How to get there
Faro International Airport is located four kilometres from Faro – the capital of the Algarve, with a number of European airlines offering direct flights to and from the Algarve.
Where to stay
For exquisite views of Carvoeiro Beach and its soaring cliffs, stay at Tivoli Carvoeiro Algarve Resort.
[Image: Algarve3online.jpg] [Image: Algarve2online.jpg] [Image: Algarve1online-1024x683.jpg]
Croatia has been a very trendy summer destination in the past few years and we can assure you that the ex-Yugoslavian country is worth the hype. From its trendy islands Hvar and Korcula, through to the historic towns of Split and Dubrovnik, all paired with picturesque beaches and the country’s eight national parks, Croatia is wildly diverse and offers something for everyone.
How to get there
Depending on the way you plan your holiday in Croatia, you can fly to Dubrovnik, Split, Pula or the capital city of Zagreb. Airlines flying to Croatia from major European cities include British Airways, Croatia Airways and EasyJet.
Where to stay
For outstanding views of Dubrovnik old town, stay at Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik. Riva Hvar Yacht Harbour Hotel benefits from an ideal location in the heart of Hvar and a waterfront terrace overlooking the Adriatic Sea, while Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Split is a perfect base to explore Split and its surrounding Dalmatian islands.
[Image: Croatia1online.jpg] [Image: Croatia2online.jpg] [Image: Croatia3online.jpg]
Zakynthos, Greece
While the starriest Greek islands Mykonos and Santorini grapple with over-tourism, more and more holidaymakers are heading to the quieter, but equally stunning island of Zakynthos. With its rugged cliffs, sea caves, tiny cloves and clear azure water paired with exquisite Greek tavernas and an abundance of water sports to try, the island offers much more than the crazy nightlife it’s famed for.
How to get there
Flights to Zakynthos International Airport are available from most European major cities. Over 30 airlines operate flights to the island during the tourist season.
Where to stay
The Lesante Luxury Hotel & Spa or Olea All Suite Hotel.
[Image: Zakynthos3online.jpg] [Image: Zakynthos2online.jpg] [Image: Zakynthos1online.jpg]
Sardinia, Italy
Sardinia’s ultra-clear water is reason enough to visit the Mediterranean island. However, this doesn’t mean that the emerald water is the only thing that draws holidaymakers to the slice of paradise that Sardinia is. With its nearly 2,000km of coastline, white-sand beaches and fresh Italian food, Sardinia will teach you all about la dolce vita.
How to get there
International airlines operate year-round flights from cities across Europe to Sardinia’s three main airports Cagliari Elmas Airport, Aeroporto di Olbia Costa Smeralda and Alghero Airport.
Where to stay
Resort Valle dell’Erica Thalasso & Spa near Santa Teresa promises direct access to the sea and 5-star luxury.
[Image: Sardinia2online.jpg] [Image: Sardinia1online.jpg] [Image: Sardinia3online.jpg]
Andermatt, Switzerland
And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about all the mountain lovers out there. The Swiss Alps are an obvious and logical option for both winter and summer holidays, and the charming village of Andermatt (1444m) offers everything you could possibly desire from your next Alpine adventure.
How to get there
Andermatt’s nearest international airports are Zurich, Milan and Geneva. They all have easy rail links to Andermatt, and even quicker road links using airport shuttles or private hire transfers.
Where to stay
For spectacular 5-star opulence, stay at The Chedi Andermatt – an exquisite deluxe hotel offering local hospitality paired with Asian touches.
[Image: Andermatt1online-1024x632.png] [Image: Andermatt2online-751x1024.jpg]

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  Top 50 Instagram Models to Follow in 2019
Posted by: work4invest - 04-28-2019, 10:43 PM - Forum: Fashion - No Replies

1. Kendall Jenner – @kendalljenner
[Image: 1.png]
At the top of this list sits Kardashian sister favourite; Kendall Jenner.
As well as her fame from being a part of the Kardashian clan, Kendall has also made a name for herself in the modelling industry. She was only 14 when she was signed on to Wilhelmina Models modeling agency and has taken part in campaigns for some of the most famous brands in the world including Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Dolce & Gabbana, plus so many more.
Followers: 96.9 million

2. Cara DeLevigne – @caradelevingne
[Image: 2.png]
Cara began her modelling career in 2002 at just aged 10. Since then, she’s built a successful music, acting and modelling career, working with brands such as Burberry and Vogue.
The beaut Brit also won ‘Model of the Year’ Award in both 2012 and 2014 at the British Fashion Awards.
Followers: 41.4 million

3. Gigi Hadid – @gigihadid
[Image: 3.png]
When Gigi Hadid was just two years old, she landed her first modelling opportunity as a model for Baby Guess clothing.
During her modelling career, she’s found fame through Instagram and has risen through the ranks to qualify as one of the most popular Instagram models on the planet.
Followers: 43.9 million
4. Chrissy Teigen – @chrissyteigen
[Image: 4.png]
The 32-year-old model is famous in the Instagram model industry, as well as on other social media platforms such as Twitter for her relatable posts and witty comments.
Chrissy has been featured in globally issued editorial magazines including Sports Illustrated, Vogue and Cosmopolitan. She’s also incredibly down to earth and regularly interacts with her followers, making her one of the best Instagram models to follow.
Followers: 20.8 million

5. Bella Hadid – @bellahadid
[Image: 5.png]
Bella Hadid is the younger one of the Hadid sisters but she certainly hasn’t be shadowed by her older sister’s fame.
She’s often used in various brands’ Instagram influencer marketing and has worked on numerous campaigns on her Instagram platform including with the likes of Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors.
Followers: 20.6 million
6. Emily Ratajkowski – @emrata

[Image: 6.png]
Emily Ratajkowski is well-known as one of the most popular Instagram models in the world. Her modelling career really skyrocketed when she was one of the models in Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ music video in 2013.
In the last five years, she’s worked with dozens of brands as part of their Instagram influencer program and has walked the catwalk for many fashion and makeup brands at Fashion Week all over the world.
Followers: 20.1 million
7. Sommer Ray – @sommerray
[Image: 7.png]
At just the age of 22, it’s thought that Instagram influencer Sommer Ray, makes more than $26,000 per post on Instagram, according to these findings from Heightline.
She’s now the face (and body!) of many Instagram influencer campaigns and has a startling Instagram following of more than 19 million!
Followers: 19.2 million
8. Hailey Baldwin – @haileybaldwin
[Image: 8.png]
Hailey Baldwin is one of the most influential models in the world; both on Instagram and on the catwalk. It’s safe to say she fully embraces her runway life.
At just age 21, Hailey has already achieved many incredible feats with her modelling career and has worked with the likes of Pretty Little Thing and Teen Vogue and Vogue magazine.
Followers: 15.1 million
9. Gisele Bundchen – @gisele
[Image: 9.png]
Gisele Bundchen is one of the oldest models in this article but at age 37, she’s still making an impressive career for herself, both on Instagram and otherwise.
She rose to fame in 1998 after working on a very successful campaign with Alexander McQueen; long before Instagram agencies were even a thing! Nowadays, she still works with various brands and has obtained almost 15 million Instagram followers on the photo-sharing platform.
Followers: 14.7 million
10. Candice Swanepoel – @angelcandices
[Image: 10.png]
The South African model was featured in 8th place on the Forbes top-earning models of 2016.
Candice has obtained this fame and fortune through a variety of both catwalk modelling, brand sponsorships and Instagram influencer marketing. With being one of the leading Instagram models of 2018, it’s incredibly easy to search influencers on Instagram and find Candice’s profile.
Followers: 12.5 million
11. Miranda Kerr – @mirandakerr
[Image: 11.png]
Miranda Kerr is an Australian model who first found fame when she became Australia’s first Victoria Secret Model in 2007.
Since then, she’s fronted many brand campaigns and walked countless runaways for brands all over the world.
Followers: 11.7 million

12. Adriana Lima – @adrianalima

[Image: 12.png]
Adriana Lima is Victoria’s Secret longest running model and has starred in countless shows for them.
Her influencer demographic data states that she’s been the second highest paid model since 2014.
Followers: 11.7 million

13. Barbara Palvin – @realbarbarapalvin
[Image: 13.png]
Barbara is yet another model with millions of followers, following every campaign she works on.
From shooting with the likes of Victoria’s Secret and H&M, Barbara has built herself a very successful modelling career.
Followers: 9 million
14. Karlie Kloss – @karliekloss
[Image: 14.png]
Karlie Kloss is considered to be one of the top 30 models of the 2000s and has worked with numerous brands on worldwide campaigns.
She also boasts an impressive follower statistic of 7.7 million followers.
Followers: 7.7 million
15. Ashley Graham – @theashleygraham
[Image: 15.png]
Ashley Graham is a plus-size model who has featured on the cover of many global magazines including Glamour, Elle and Vogue.
She also regularly features pictures of the various campaigns she’s worked on, on her Instagram profile to show that plus-size models are just as beautiful.
Followers: 7.6 million

16. Josephine Skriver – @josephineskriver
[Image: 16.png]
During her modelling career, Josephine Skriver has walked in over 300 runway shows.
She also uses her Instagram profile to promote the things that matter the most to her, as well as promoting her latest brand campaigns.
Followers: 5.2 million
17. Cindy Kimberly – @wolfiecindy

[Image: 17.png]
At just 19 years old, Dutch model Cindy, is one of the youngest Instagram models on this list.
She’s incredibly popular on her YouTube channel and receives hundreds of thousands of likes on every Instagram post.
Followers: 4.7 million

18. Liu Wen – @liuwenlw
[Image: 18.png]
Liu was the first Chinese model to walk in a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She was also the first Chinese model to appear on the front cover of American Vogue and has worked with a number of reputable brands.
Followers: 4.2 million
19. Sierra Skye Egan – @sierraaaskyee
[Image: 19.png]
Sierra is an OG Instagram model, unlike many others on this list who first found fame walking catwalks and runways.
She’s very successfully used Instagram to build up a platform and has gained millions of followers and brand deals as a result.
Followers: 3.9 million

20. Lucky Blue Smith – @luckybsmith
[Image: 20.png]
Lucky Blue Smith is the first male model to appear on this list, with over 3 million Instagram followers.
At only 19 years old, Lucky has worked with brands such as Tom Ford, Calvin Klein and GAP.
Followers: 3.2 million
21. Jessica Stein – @tuulavintage

[Image: 21.png]
Jessica Stein actually started her Instagram career by simply being a blogger.
Since then, she’s made herself a very successful career and often shares pictures of her family, as well as the various campaigns that she’s working on.
Followers: 2.5 million
22. Galinka Mirgaeva – @mirgaeva_galinka

[Image: 22.png]
Galinka uses her platform to share inspirational videos of her working out and eating healthy.
Millions of followers have flocked to her account in order to see how she’s achieved her ‘perfect’ figure.
Followers: 2.2 million
23. Pia Muehlenbeck – @piamuehlenbeck
[Image: 23.png]
Pia Muehlenbeck was training for a career in Law when she came across the Instagram platform and has since then found fame as a very successful Instagram model.
Followers: 2 million
24. Natasha Oakley – @tashoakley
[Image: 24.png]
Natasha Oakley first found fame as a blogger but has since built up her portfolio and now works on numerous brand campaigns on Instagram.
She also founded the beloved swimwear brand Monday Swimwear.
Followers: 2 million
25. Mathilde Tantot – @mathildtantot

[Image: 25.png]
Mathilde is yet another person on this list to rise to fame thanks to Instagram.
Racking up almost 2 million followers, Mathilde now works with many brands and alongside her twin sister (who’s also a model), she created the Khassani swimwear brand.
Followers: 1.9 million
26. Francisco Lachowski – @chico_lachowski
[Image: 26.png]
Francisco Lachowski is a male model based in France and is known across Instagram for his outdoorsy and lifestyle shots and campaigns.
Followers: 1.9 million

27. Jon Kortajarena – @ kortajarenajon

[Image: 27.png]
Jon Kortajarena is a Spanish actor and model and features a number of his brand collaborations on his Instagram profile.
When he was just 18 years old, he became the face of Just Cavalli for one of Roberto Cavalli’s campaigns.
Followers: 1.9 million
28. Camila Morrone – @camilamorrone

[Image: 28.png]
Camila has over 1.5 million Instagram followers and has featured in a number of films as part of her acting career.
She also uses her Instagram platform to share unique brand collaborations that she’s worked on.
Followers: 1.5 million
29. Rocky – @rocky_barnes
[Image: 29.png]
Rocky Barnes started out as a blogger and now predominantly uses her Instagram profile to promote her latest fashion and beauty looks.
She first rose to fame in 2013 when she was a part of a Justin Bieber music video and has since used her platform to create fashion based content.
Followers: 1.4 million
30. Pamela Alexandra – @pamelaalexandra
[Image: 30.png]
Pamela Alexandra is a travel blogger who now shares various Instagram model-worthy shots on her profile.
Followers: 1.4 million
31. Devin Brugman – @devinbrugman
[Image: 31.png]
Devin is a fairly new up and coming Instagram model featured on this list so she’s perfect to be included in the 2018 round-up.
She’s well known for sharing her enviable bikini-clad shots on her Instagram.
Followers: 1.3 million
32. Lisa-Marie Schiffner – @lisamarie_schiffner

[Image: 32.png]
This Instagram model is only 17 years old but has built an Instagram profile that’s attracted almost 1 million followers.
The Austrian Youtuber and Instagrammer shares pictures of her artistic shots, lifestyle picks and fashion pieces.
Followers: 981k
33. Jenah Yamamoto – @gypsyone
[Image: 33.png]
Jenah earned her impressive Instagram following due to her wanderlust-worthy travel blog.
She still shares travel related images on her Instagram and incorporates brand collaborations with the likes of swimwear brands into her feed.
Followers: 962k
34. Mimi – @mimielashiry
[Image: 34.png]
Mimi Elashiry uses her Instagram profile to share inspirational dietary, healthy eating and exercise tips.
Followers: 929k
35. Liz Turner – @elizabethcturner
[Image: 35.png]
Liz Turner initially started her career as an Instagram model but has since worked with a number of reputable and much-loved brands, helping to promote their clothing and makeup.
She talks openly about her well-educated background on Instagram, as well as her struggles with mental health and how she keeps fit and active.
Followers: 715k
36. Cindy Mello – @cindymello
[Image: 36.png]
Cindy Mello is an Instagram model who now works with world-famous Instagram and modelling agencies such as Ford Models.
Followers: 715k
37. Ashley Sky – @ashleysky
[Image: 37.png]
Ashley Sky is an Instagram model as well as a Youtuber who works with a number of brands on various video campaigns.
She’s also walked the runway numerous times too, thanks to her fame discovered through Instagram.
Followers: 669k
38. Gabi – @gabifresh

[Image: 38.png]
Gabi is a plus size Instagram model; you should be following Gabi as she’s incredibly motivating and inspiring and isn’t afraid to go against the social ‘norm’.
She’s also the co-founder of a plus size brand as well as launching collections with a number of swimwear and lingerie brands.
Followers: 656k
39. Madi Edwards – @madi_edwards

[Image: 39.png]
Madi Edwards was born in Australia and has built up her Instagram platform so that she now works with the likes of Billabong, Sunseeker and Universal.
She’s also been featured on the cover of Australian Vogue.
Followers: 613k
40. Audreyana Michelle – @audreyanamichelle

[Image: 40.png]
Audreyana has signed to many different model talent agencies including NEXT Models in Miami, Freedom Models in LA and an agency in New Zealand.
Her Instagram profile is full of makeup and beauty pictures and videos for campaigns that she’s worked on with the likes of Colourpop.
Followers: 547k
42. Megan Williams – @meganmayw

[Image: 42.png]
Having worked with world-famous brands such as Dolce and Gabbana, it’s safe to say that Instagram beauty Megan Williams, is already well on the way to creating an impressive modelling career for herself.
Followers: 521k
43. Frida Aasen – @frida_aasen
[Image: 43.png]
This Norwegian beauty has signed with modelling agencies in both New York and Paris.
Frida’s Instagram boasts pictures from campaigns that she’s worked on with Victoria Secret and Michael Kors.
Followers: 358k
44. Bridget Malcolm – @bridgetmalcolm
[Image: 44.png]
Bridget’s Instagram fame is largely down to her blog where she talks in depth about body positivity, fitness and nutrition.
She’s definitely one to follow if you’re in need of a bit of inspiration.
Followers: 308k
45. Rain Dove – @raindovemodel

[Image: 45.png]
Another male model featured in this list, Rain Dove has worked on a number of fashion, film and activism campaigns in order to use his platforms for good.
Followers: 293k
46. Jessie Andrews – @jessieandrews
[Image: 46.png]
Jessie Andrews is the stunning beauty behind the namesake Instagram account and has founded a number of incredible brands.
She also documents her life on her lifestyle blog. It’s not hard to see why Jessie is featured on the list of 50 Instagram models to follow.
Followers: 266k
47. Alina Baikova – @alina_baikova
[Image: 47.png]
Alina is an Instagram model as well as an activist, working with the likes of The Heart Fund charity in order to help millions of people.
She also works with teeth whitening brands as well as bikini and swimwear brands.
Followers: 257k
48. Raven Lyn – @theravenlyn
[Image: 48.png]A newbie on the block, but a still incredibly influential Instagram model nevertheless, Raven Lyn was a Sports Illustrated Rookie of 2018!
Her Instagram profile features raunchy pictures of her sharing her latest looks and collaborations.
Followers: 229k
49. Minahil – @bae.doe

[Image: 49.png]
Minahil is a curvaceous Instagram model and fashionista; sharing her latest outfit and beauty looks to her 200,000 followers.
Followers: 200k
50. Sarah Stephens – @sarahstephens7
[Image: 50.png]
The 28-year-old Australian model now resides in LA and was first shot into fame when she won the 2006 Girlfriend magazine’s ‘Model Search’
Sarah isn’t afraid to showcase her enviable figure on her Instagram and regularly works with different brands on their latest campaigns.

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  18 Holiday Destinations: Where You Need To Visit In 2019
Posted by: work4invest - 04-28-2019, 10:36 PM - Forum: historical places - No Replies

1 Northern Italy & The Swiss Alps
[Image: japan-italy2-1540209999.jpg?crop=1xw:1xh...size=480:*]
Black Tomato
Why for 2019: 2019 marks 500 years since the passing of Leonardo da Vinci, as well as the Venice Biennale which makes its return to the grand city.
Insider's tip: From Venice, visitors should venture north to Lake Como, where the swanky five-star
Mandarin Oriental Hotel will be opening in Spring of 2019. They should also check out the opening of the Glacier Express’ new luxury ‘Excellence Class’ running from Zermatt – St Moritz, which is sure to be the chicest way to take in all the Alpine beauty.
Best time to travel (in terms of weather and cheapest flights): Beat the crowds and enjoy mild temperatures from April to June and September to October.
2 Ouarzazate, Morocco
[Image: jordan-morroco2-1540208592.jpg?crop=1xw:...size=480:*]

Why for 2019: Known as the gateway to the Sahara, Ouarzazate is a city south of Morocco’s beautiful Atlas Mountains and home to the impressive fortified village of Ait Ben Haddou where you can head to the ancient Kasbah to watch the spectacular sunrises and sunsets.
Insider's tip: Booking.com recommends visitors quad bike along the dusty roads to explore the region.
No trip is complete without a stay at the Riad Ouarzazate - a Kasbah style riad located in the centre of Ouarzazate and offering stylish rooms with traditional Moroccan décor and an outdoor terrace where guests can enjoy the traditional cuisine.
Best time to travel (in terms of weather and cheapest flights): March, April, May, October and November as the months have the perfect temperature for exploring the region.
3 Nepal and Bhutan
[Image: newzea-nepal2-1540209224.jpg?crop=1xw:1x...size=480:*]

Black Tomato
Why for 2019: The eagerly-awaited Six Senses Bhutan will open towards the end of 2018.
Insider's tip: Luxury travel and exclusive holiday agency Black Tomato is offering a helicopter flight to the top of The Taktsang Monastery (Tiger's Nest) where they'll set up a picnic breakfast with a view above the clouds, followed by a hike down for a tour of Taktsang Monastery with an expert guide.
Best time to travel (in terms of weather and cheapest flights): Late November to early March is dry with pre-monsoon showers starting in May.
4 Novi Sad, Serbia
[Image: novi-svlad-1540304541.jpg?crop=1xw:1xh;c...size=480:*]

© vestica / Getty ImagesGetty Images
Why for 2019: Serbia’s ‘New Garden’ hosts the rocking EXIT festival, whose 20th edition coincides with the city’s stint as the 2019 European Youth Capital.
Insider's tip: Petrovaradin Citadel’s Lower Town is being regenerated, and the city's Chinatown has developed into a bustling alternative-culture district, according to Lonely Planet. 'Bursting with creative energy, new Gradić Fest is reinvigorating Petrovaradin through music, film, theatre and art, as Novi Sad gears up to wear another crown – that of the 2021 European Capital of Culture,' it says.
Best time to travel (in terms of weather and cheapest flights): From March to May and September to October to avoid the summer heat.
5 India
[Image: amazon-india2-1540209250.jpg?crop=1xw:1x...size=480:*]

Black Tomato
Why for 2019: This year will mark 150 years since the birth of Gandhi making it a historic year to visit, according to Black Tomato. Delta Air Lines is also set to resume their direct flight to Mumbai in 2019.
Insider's tip: Check out the wonders of Nagaland and the Kaziranga National Park - home to Asiatic rhinos and some of Asia’s last surviving former-headhunting tribes.
Best time to travel (in terms of weather and cheapest flights): October to March.
6 Belarus
[Image: belarus-panama2-1540304541.jpg?crop=1xw:...size=480:*]

© bruev / Getty ImagesGetty Images
Why for 2019: The 2019 European Games will take place here from 14 - 30 June.
Insider's tip: Long a beacon for those seeking the obscure, Belarus has quietly become cool on the back of relaxed visa requirements, a sneaky-good art and cafe scene, and locals who party like it’s 1999,' according to Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2019.
You have to head to Minsk - the hub of Belarus with its restored Old Town, centred around the graceful ratusha (town hall), bierstubes and fashionable cocktail bars.
Best time to travel (in terms of weather and cheapest flights): June to August for the best weather (mild temperatures, long days etc.)
7 Tohoku, Japan
[Image: japan-italy-1540209999.jpg?crop=1xw:1xh;...size=480:*]

Black Tomato
Why for 2019: 'Japan continues to fascinate and entice culturally inquisitive travellers and for 2019 our Travel Experts are focusing on the lesser known region of Tohoku,' says Black Tomato. Only 90 minutes north-east of Tokyo, Tohoku offers incredibly varied natural landscapes perfect for hiking - and even skiing in the winter.
Insider's tip: Step back in time to the Edo period and visit the village of Kakunodate that’s home to Samurai legends and artisan workshops.
In August 2019, the Northern town of Amori will be brought to life with the famous Amori Nebuta festival during which bamboo floats are constructed with paper depicting mythical gods, creatures, and kabuki characters.
Best time to travel (in terms of weather and cheapest flights): All year round.
8 Panama
[Image: belarus-panama-1540304979.jpg?crop=1xw:1...size=480:*]

© Vilainecrevette / Shutterstock
Why for 2019: In 2019, Panama City will mark its 500-year history with a huge party.
Insider's tip: Lonely Planet says for such a small country, Panama has a lot on offer, from white-sand beaches to tropical rainforests, misty highlands and indigenous culture.
Best time to travel (in terms of weather and cheapest flights): During the summer dry season from mid-December to mid-April.
9 The Brazilian Amazon
[Image: amazon-india-1540209250.jpg?crop=1xw:1xh...size=480:*]

Black Tomato
Why for 2019: Black Tomato notes that in Salvador in December 2018, visitors will see the opening of Fasano Salvador Hotel which will shine a light on the diverse country, rich in history and gastronomy.
Insider's tip: The travel agency is offering a curated new adventure, offering travellers a unique way of exploring the mighty Amazon. Guests will learn essential jungle survival techniques with the Brazilian Army Jungle Battalion before boarding a gorgeous luxury private yacht to sail down the Tapajos River to remote sandy beaches, which they’ll have all to themselves in an area that has been referred to as the Caribbean of the Amazon.
Best time to travel (in terms of weather and cheapest flights): June to September are the best time to go (driest months).
10 Mackenzie Country, Otago, New Zealand
[Image: newzea-nepal-1540209224.jpg?crop=1xw:1xh...size=480:*]

Black Tomato
Why for 2019: The exclusive new adventure lodge The Lindis is opening in 2019. Air New Zealand is also offering new flight routes from 2019 making it easier to get to.
Insider's tip: Home to glacial highlands and sunken valleys, visitors are advised to take in the best of the island's Southern Alps region for hiking, biking and sleeping in remote luxury texted accommodations.
Best time to travel (in terms of weather and cheapest flights): All year round.
11 Wadi Rum, Jordan
[Image: jordan-morroco-1540208590.jpg?crop=1xw:1...size=480:*]

Why for 2019: From 1 March until 13 April 2019, travellers are invited to take part on the Jordan Trail - a long distance hiking trail (650km through 52 villages and towns) connecting the length of Jordan from Um Qais in the north to Aqaba in the south.
Regularly compared to Mars with its reddish sands and natural arches, this setting is the perfect 'out of the world' holiday experience.
Insider's tip: Booking.com recommends a couple of nights stay at the Memories Aicha Luxury Camp for the ultimate desert experience. With views of the mountains which are perfect for stargazing, the property also provides its guests with delectable dishes in its restaurant and a breakfast that caters to all dietary requirements.
Best time to travel (in terms of weather and cheapest flights): For ideal sightseeing conditions, the best time to visit Jordan is during the spring (March - May) and autumn (September to November) months.
12 Mestia, Georgia
[Image: bali-georgia2-1540208590.jpg?crop=1xw:1x...size=480:*]

Why for 2019: Bored of Europe and Asia? Head to Georgia which is located 1,500 meters above sea level and a great starting point for trips throughout the region.
Insider's tip: The Svaneti Museum of History and Ethnography is a great place to start, to immerse yourself in the local history and culture. Active travellers will be in awe hiking up the Chaladi Glacier on the slopes of the Caucasus Mountains as well as hiking the lakes at the base of Mount Ushba, offering breath-taking views of the lakes.
Foodies should head to local Svan cuisine – a must try is the Kubdari meat pie and Tashmijabi (cheesy mashed potatoes).
Svaneti apartment is perfectly located just over a mile from Mestia 1 and 2 for snowy getaways, with ski storage space available. Alternatively, check out the luxurious Stamba Hotel, in Tbilisi, as recommended by Black Tomato.
Best time to travel (in terms of weather and cheapest flights): May, June or September, especially in the lowlands around Tbilisi to avoid the summer heat and humidity. Autumn harvest time is also worth a visit, especially around the vineyards of Kakheti.
13 Nusa Penida, Indonesia
[Image: bali-georgia-1540208591.jpg?crop=1xw:1xh...size=480:*]

Why for 2019: If you love the Gili Islands, Bali, you need to head to Nusa Penida - a hidden gem waiting to be discovered in Indonesia.
Located on the southeast coast of Bali, the island offers breath-taking, mostly untouched landscapes with opportunities to scuba dive, walk along the Crystal Bay or soak in the natural wonders including the Giri Putri Cave and the natural infinity pool Angel’s Billabong.
Insider's tip: Kabeh Jati Garden Villa and Restaurant provides guests with the perfect night's stay.
Best time to travel (in terms of weather and cheapest flights): May to September (although his is the busiest time) so try November to March to beat the crowds and pricey flights. Avoid rainy season in January and February)
14 Samarkand, Uzbekistan
[Image: baclar-uzbe2-1540208590.jpg?crop=1xw:1xh...size=480:*]

Why for 2019: The Silk and Spices Festival in Bukhara takes place 25-27 May. During the several days of the Silk and Spices Festival there are fairs where visitors can buy handicrafts, souvenirs, and silk scarves.
One of the most prosperous stops on the ancient Silk Road, Samarkand is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Central Asia and has been the hub of world cultures for hundreds of years. It’s full of medieval architecture and monuments that are included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.
Insider's tip: Visit the Registan Square which ranks among the world’s most beautiful squares and is completely covered in mosaics and is adorned with gold and calligraphy.
A short five minutes’ walk from the city centre, Jahongir Hotel is the perfect place for your accommodation. The property offers traditional Uzbek cuisine and each room is decorated with beautiful traditional embroidered tapestry, Suzani.
Best time to travel (in terms of weather and cheapest flights): Late September and early October is the ideal time to visit the big three, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, as temperatures are still warm but many of the crowds have gone. April to May is also recommended.
15 Bacalar, Mexico
[Image: baclar-uzbe-1540208590.jpg?crop=1xw:1xh;...size=480:*]

Why for 2019: Tipped to be the next Maldives, Bacalar houses one of the most stunning natural beauties, the Lake of the Seven Colours. With its crystal clear, fresh waters and white sandy base, this lake appears almost turquoise and is ideal for diving and snorkelling.
Insider's tip: Hotel Aires Bacalar is located near The Lake of Seven Colours, and each room comes with a balcony promising views overlooking the second largest natural body of freshwater in Mexico.
Best time to travel (in terms of weather and cheapest flights): Early December to mid March.
16 Kigali, Rwanda
[Image: pili2-1540210186.jpg?crop=1xw:1xh;center...size=480:*]

Why for 2019: 'The land of a Thousand Hills' has become more accessible for travel over recent years and travellers come from all over the world to see the incredible mountain gorillas which live in Volcanoes National Park.
Insider's tip: Visit the Big Five (lions, rhinos, elephants, buffalos and leopards) on safari in Akagera National Park. The city of Kigali itself is considered also one of the safest and most alluring capitals in Africa, offering an unparalleled food scene, bustling markets and nightlife.
Stay at the Pili Pili Boutique Hotel which offers stylish apartments where guests can enjoy beautiful views, an outdoor swimming pool and in-house restaurant serving international and local cuisine.
Best time to travel (in terms of weather and cheapest flights): From June to mid-September during the long dry season.
17 Leeuwarden, Netherlands
[Image: casa-rozenboom2-1540208590.jpg?crop=1xw:...size=480:*]

Why for 2019: It was named a 2018 Capital of Culture due to its choice of cultural performances and exhibitions, so is sure to be hot for travellers come 2019. It's easy to explore on bicycle, and you can stop off at the Fries Museum to learn about Frisian treasures, climb Leeuwarden’s leaning tower and sample the local spirits at the family run distillery at the Boomsma Museum.
Insider's tip: City Centre De Rozenboom Guest house is accomodation housed in a monumental building from the 17th century with views on the Oldehove and the Ceramic Museum.
Best time to travel (in terms of weather and cheapest flights): The warmest months are July, August, and June. The rainiest are July, August, September, November and December.
18 Palomino, Colombia
[Image: casa-rozenboom-1540208590.jpg?crop=1xw:1...size=480:*]

Why for 2019: Forget Santa Marta and Cartagena because it's all about Palomino in 2019.
Not only does it offer beautiful Caribbean beaches, which are great for surfing and sunbathing, but it’s also a great place for spotting wildlife (monkeys and toucans to name a couple), delicious seafood and a great range of hostels.
Insider's tip: Travelers should try tubing on Palomino River, taking in the natural beauty as you float down to the Caribbean Sea, according to Booking.com.
Stay at [url=https://www.booking.com/hotel/co/casa-del-pavo-real.en-gb.html]Casa del Pavo Real Boutique Hostel which boats modern luxury at a backpacker price and is located just five minutes from the beach.
Best time to travel (in terms of weather and cheapest flights): The best is between December and March as it rains the least during these months. However, this is also peak tourist season.

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  20 Best Summer Holiday Destinations In The World: Turn The 2019 Vacation Mode On!
Posted by: work4invest - 04-28-2019, 10:33 PM - Forum: Travel & Tours - No Replies

Here are the best destinations to travel to for an amazing summer vacay with your folks! Read on, to know more about all these exciting places.

  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Maui, Hawaii
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • [b]Barcelona, Spain[/b]
  • [b]Hamburg, Germany[/b]
  • [b]Colorado[/b]
  • [b]Koh Samui, Thailand[/b]
  • [b]Whistler, Canada[/b]
  • [b]Iceland[/b]
  • [b]Marseille, France[/b]
  • [b]Kerala, India[/b]
  • [b]Mauritius[/b]
  • [b]Bali, Indonesia[/b]
  • [b]Teton County, Wyoming[/b]
  • [b]Amalfi Coast, Italy[/b]
  • [b]Hoi An, Vietnam[/b]
  • [b]Seychelles, East Africa[/b]
  • [b]Paros, Greece[/b]
  • [b]Zermatt, Switzerland[/b]

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  15 Inventions That Will Make Your 2019 a Lot More Interesting
Posted by: work4invest - 04-28-2019, 10:29 PM - Forum: General - No Replies

Xbox Adaptive Controller
[Image: Inventions_blow_your_mind_IE_resize_md.jpg] Source: Microsoft 
The Xbox adaptive controller is here to make the gaming world more inclusive. The Microsoft developed  Xbox Adaptive Controller is here to help those with limited hand and arm mobility play games.
[Image: Inventions_blow_your_mind_IE_1_resize_md.jpg] Source: Microsoft 
The product itself was inspired by previous efforts made by groups like the Cerebral Palsy Foundation.
Gravity Blankets
[Image: Inventions_blow_your_mind_IE_4_resize_md.jpg] Source: Gravity
Gravity is here to help you combat your anxiety. Starting off as a Kickstarter campaign, the company Gravity has created a therapeutic weighted blanket engineered to be around 10% of your body weight.

The super comfy blanket helps those who have a sleeping problem, who may be stressed, or deal with anxiety.
[Image: Inventions_blow_your_mind_IE_15_resize_md.jpg] Source: LynQ
Getting separated from friends or a family member at an event or festival can be annoying. LynQ helps you find your loved ones when you get separated from the group.
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Unlike smartphones, the compass-like devices do not need any wifi to stay connected. It is a great tool for family vacations.
Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit
[Image: Inventions_blow_your_mind_IE_7_resize_md.jpeg] Source: Kano
So, are you still waiting for your Hogwarts letter? You might not be a wizard but this coding kit can give you some of the same powers.
The Harry Potter Coding kit allows children to accomplish real-world magical feats through the power of coding.
The Mirror
[Image: Inventions_blow_your_mind_IE_6_resize_md.jpg] Source: Mirror
The Mirror is one of the sleekest looking inventions on this list. Perfect for those with fitness goals in 2019, the interactive mirror helps take your home fitness regime to the next level.
The device streams live workouts and even offers an interactive fitness coach.
[Image: Inventions_blow_your_mind_IE_5_resize_md.jpg] Source: HabitAware
A common New Year’s resolution centers around the idea of kicking some sort of bad habit. HabitAware is here to make your life a little easier.

As a friendly reminder, the fashionable Keen band vibrates anytime it catches you doing the bad habit you are trying to shake.
[Image: Inventions_blow_your_mind_IE_11_resize_md.jpg] Source: Zipline
The California-based startup Zipline intends to use drones to save lives. The company uses their drones in remote areas across the world to deliver vital supplies and even the delivery of blood.
Their latest drone invention can carry up to almost 2 kilos at 128 kph for up to 160 kilometers round trip.
Solar Charged Jacket
 If you are a night runner, then this one's for you. Created by U.K.-based sports-gear startup,  Vollebak, the Solar Charged Jacket phosphorescent membrane absorbs light during the day and release its “kryptonite green energy” for those who need to be safe after dark.
[Image: Inventions_blow_your_mind_IE_12_resize_md.jpg] Source: Vollebak
Thor ET-One
[Image: Inventions_blow_your_mind_IE_9_resize_md.jpg] Source: Thor Trucks
Tesla is not the only one in the market creating electric semi trucks. The startup Thor’s latest invention centers around a sleek and power electric semi truck.
With the ability to carry 36,000 kilos up to 300 miles, the Thor ET-One is sure to shake up the semi truck industry while creating a greener planet. The truck looks like Optimus Prime’s cooler cousin.   
Philips Somneo 
The original inventors, Phillips has something to help you get up earlier in 2019. The Philips’ Somneo is here to help you wake up better, without the very disruptive sounds of a traditional alarm clock.
The Somneo simulates a natural sunrise each morning while assisting with your sleeping habits.
[Image: Inventions_blow_your_mind_IE_3_resize_md.jpeg] Source: ICON
The Texas-based start-up ICON caught the attention of the world when it created a fully functioning 350-sq.-ft. home in 48 hours with the assistance of their Vulcan 3D printer.
Their invention has the ability to help with the construction of a home, laying the frame and foundation of the home before labor is needed.
The ICON team hopes to use their invention to help combat homelessness.
[Image: Inventions_blow_your_mind_IE_14_resize_md.jpg] Source: Room One
Workplaces are rethinking the very common open plan office. For those who do not want to be distracted or catch a cold at work, the ROOM One offers workers some peace and quiet in their own soundproof workroom.
 Allbirds SweetFoam
[Image: Inventions_blow_your_mind_IE_13_resize_md.jpg] Source: Allbirds
The Allbirds retail startup hopes to combat the shoe industries large carbon footprint with a shoe product of their own.
The shoe company is testing various materials that can be used as an alternative for shoe production, like shoes made from parts of a sugar cane.  
Gravity Jet Suit
[Image: Inventions_blow_your_mind_IE_8_resize_md.jpg] Source: Gravity
If you are planning to join the Avengers in their fight against Thanos, you are going to want to get your hands on this suit.
Created by Gravity industries, the 1,050 horsepower system uses five mini-jet engines to help users soar through the sky at 80 kph.  

[Image: Inventions_blow_your_mind_IE_2_resize_md.jpg]

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